8. Banks as control centers of financially-credit processes in the conditions of the market

The competence to be formed:OK-4; OK-5; OK-11; OK-9; OK-13; PK-13; PK-8; PK-9; PK-13

Results of development:

To know:

  • 1) Concept and kinds of banks;
  • 2) Functions of banks;
  • 3) Historical aspects of development of banking.

Be able:

  • 1) to state a theoretical estimation to bank as to the center of financially-credit relations;
  • 2) to Analyze banks on the basis of the developed principles of classification.


  • 1) Theoretical and methodological bases of an estimation of bank as the phenomena of sphere of financial relations;
  • 2) the Terminology which is providing guidance on various aspects of the analysis of bank and banking.

Educational methods Lectures — 2 hours Practical training — 2 hours Independent work of students — 6 hours Forms of current control - Poll, the decision of problems, testing Concept of bank. Bank-establishment and bank-enterprise. Commercial bank as profitable enterprise. A bank product: means of payment and the services given by bank. Principles of classification of bank services: specificity of bank activity; the subjects receiving services; formation and placing of bank resources; a payment for granting; movement of a material product. Properties of bank services (operations). Object of bank services. Factors of formation and evolution of bank services: a bank competition, development of new bank technologies, the invention of new bank products.

Functions of banks. Accumulation and the savings of monetary incomes and savings. Intermediary in crediting, calculations and creation of credit money. Трастовые (confidential) functions, guarantee and consulting.

Kinds of banks. Classification of kinds on: to patterns of ownership, organizational-legal forms, size of the registered authorized capital stock; a branch orientation; to a functional purpose; specializations; to an activity zone.

History of development of banking. Early stages. The first bank operations in medieval Northern Italy. Occurrence of laws on banks and bank operations. Change business, mutual offsets, loans. Clearing settlements as specialization of the first banks. Municipal bank laws in the Italian cities XVI-XVII centuries Development of banks in Europe in XVIII-XIX centuries Bank of England (1664) Napoleon’s Laws of 1800th (the Civil code) on banks and bank system. Bank system of Germany: formation and evolution. The first and Second bank of the USA in XIX century Bank crisis of 1850—60th Creation FRS in 1913 Crisis investment and savings and loan associations in the USA in 2008-09 Development of banks in Russia.

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