11. Is shopping a nightmare?

Exercise 1. Read this conversation and reproduce it in pairs.

  • — You know I dealt with a doorstep agent the other day. I would say it wasn't very pleasant.
  • — What do you mean?
  • — To begin with, he was very intrusive and insistent. I couldn't get rid of him. He was offering cheap household goods which I didn’t need at all.
  • — Why did you open the door?
  • — I admit that at the beginning he was very polite and discreet. He said that he was selling things that are a must for any family. He stressed that it was a special offer and the things couldn't be found in shops.
  • — Did you believe him? Why didn’t you turn him out of doors immediately?
  • — Oh, it wasn’t so easy. He asked me if I wanted to spend heaps of time hunting for kitchen utensils a man can't do without. He added that I would save time if I bought his products. He declared that he wouldn't leave me in peace if I didn’t buy anything.
  • — I think it was too bold of him to behave like this.
  • — Yes, it was.

Exercise 2. Fill in the numbered blanks (1—6) in this conversation using the sentences (A—F) below.

  • — Do you like (1)... ?
  • — No, I don't. In fact, I hate it.
  • -Why?
  • — Because it takes a lot of time and in my opinion it is boring. Going from store to store — or website to website — just to look at what is (2)... ?
  • — You are mistaken. Some people use it just to pass the time and dream, while others use it to get inspired or gather information about (3)....
  • — (4).... I like buying things.
  • — Where do you usually shop?
  • — I like shopping malls and large department stores which offer a wide selection of goods to choose from.
  • — Have you heard about (5)... ?
  • — I hate flea markets and I distaste buying used personal possessions.
  • — You know car boot sales are very popular in Britain because people there are environmentally conscious. They go to car boots because it is a way to recycle useful but unwanted (6)... that otherwise might have been thrown away.

A. ... current trends...

B. ... for sale...

C. ... window shopping...

D. ... car boot sales...

E. It's not my cup of tea...

F. ... domestic items...

Exercise 3. Act out the following roles using the hints and the information on the cards.

Card 1

You are a Marketing Manager in a large department store. You want to increase the store traffic in your store. Make a profile of your target customer. Characterize them according to their age, income, the quality of products they want, the pricing policy, etc. Discuss your ideas with the CEO.

Card 2

You are the CEO of a large department store. You want to increase the profitability of your business. One of the ways is increasing the store traffic. Think about other ways of gaining the competitive edge. Share your ideas with your Marketing Manager.

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