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Test (Units 1-18)

1. We ... all bookings for next week.

a) had cancelled

b) cancel

c) are canceling

2. В настоящее время наша компания разрабатывает новые маршруты для туристов.

a) our company is developing new tourist itineraries now.

b) our company is develops new tourist itineraries now.

c) our company develops new tourist itineraries now.

3. We ... just... the tasks to perform.

a) logged

b) are logging

c) have logged

4. The relevant departments ... to produce full job descriptions.

a) will be being asked

b) were asked

c) have asked

5. If the company didn’t exploit new opportunities, it... the competitive edge.

a) wouldn’t gain

b) won’t gain

c) wouldn’t gained

6. They... the time log recently.

a) analysed

b) had analysed

c) have analysed

7. It is difficult to determine the extent to which a manufacturer... to do research to ensure that every possible product safety contingency is considered.

a) ought

b) should

c) must

8. ... the delegation, you need to establish at the beginning the task itself, the reporting schedule, your availability, etc.

a) after controlling

b) to control

c) the controlling

9. Entrepreneurs ... to control the outcomes of their own efforts.

a) sure

b) said

c) are certain

10. The plant... the “Clear Air” Act for some months.

a) has been neglecting

b) is neglecting

c) neglects

11. If the company hadn’t earmarked money for innovations, it... a market leader now.

a) won’t be

b) wouldn’t be

c) will be

12. The goods you buy ... not be broken or damaged.

a) have

b) ought

c) must

13. People tend to log into the Internet to get the news they want.

a) to write a report of events

b) to perform an action that allows you to begin using a computer system

c) to travel a particular distance or for a particular length of time

14. Tylenol sales ... to 20 percent of their previous level because 61 percent of Tylenol users ... using the product.

a) sank, had discontinued

b) had sunk, discontinued

c) sank, discontinued

15. When ... how to improve quality, managers avoided rework and defects.

a) teaching

b) taught

c) having taught

16. Trains are the greenest transport you can get.

a) the most dangerous

b) the colour of grass

c) environmentally-friendly

17. An American girl... with her Gameboy for 2 hours a day for a year before she ... numbness and tingling in her fingers.

a) was playing, developed

b) had been playing, developed

c) had played, developed

18. ... a good manager, you should ensure that your employees spend some time in explaining their decisions so that you learn their criteria.

a) in order be

b) be

c) to be

19. Archie is a teleworker.

a) works from home with his computer

b) a telephone operator

c) works for television stations

20. People ... the Internet for up-to-date news or reference more frequently in the future.

a) are using

b) will use

c) will have used

21. Ему придётся работать сверхурочно?

a) Must he work overtime?

b) Will he has to work overtime?

c) Will he have to work overtime?

22. The workers made the manager ... them clarifications.

a) to give

b) give

c) gave

23. Отдел будет полностью укомплектован только к началу следующего года.

a) the department will have been staffed only by the beginning of next year.

b) the department will be staff by the beginning of next year.

c) the department will staff by next year.

24. She said that they ... for three hours and ... no queues.

a) were shopping, saw

b) had been shopping, had seen

c) shopped, saw

25. The international business person ... languages to speak with people of other nationalities in the workplace and even outside the workplace.

a) will be using

b) will be use

c) will have used

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